Daphne van der voorde (1975) graduated at the Royal Academy of Arts
in The Hague in 2000. She is now based in Amsterdam where she works
as a freelance photographer for both commercial and editorial clients.

contact:                     daphne van der voorde
                                   amsterdam, the netherlands
                                   email:    daphnevandervoorde@hotmail.com

editorial clients:          Kek, Elle girl, Elle, Esquire, Volkskrant magazine, Quote,  
                                     Celebrity, Glamour, J/M, Psychologie magazine, Vara-magazine ea.

commercial clients:    Douwe Egberts, Sissy Boy, Bijenkorf, Univé, No-No,
                                     Kiezeltje, Spiderweb, Locomotive, Randstad, Brunotti ea.

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